Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation: What is the Furman Legacy?

By Marian Baker, Opinions Editor         Furman University. FU. “Furmie.” Or most commonly, Furman.         These are the names with which we refer to our cherished university. However, many studen… Source: Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation: What is the Furman Legacy?

Linked Through Slavery–The Last Furman Slave Owner

This is the final post in my series of three on the connection of my father’s family to slavery —a 110-year legacy— and my search for African American descendants whose ancestors toiled on my family’s plantations in South Carolina. This post takes us to the Civil War and my 5th great grandfather, James C. Furman. … Continue reading “Linked Through Slavery–The Last Furman Slave Owner”

The Furman Slave Legacy Continues

In my previous post about the Furman family’s slave legacy, I wrote about my first ancestor in South Carolina, Wood Furman, and his connection to slavery. In this post, I write about Wood Furman’s son, Richard Furman (my sixth great grandfather), and his life as a Baptist minister and a slave owner.  I’m also pleased … Continue reading “The Furman Slave Legacy Continues”

Felicia Furman Tells the Story of Ties to South Carolina Slavery

I am a filmmaker, historic preservationist, amateur historian, researcher and genealogist, poet and art collector—and a descendant of slave owners from South Carolina on both sides of my family. I have lived in Boulder, CO now for thirty years.   In response to research I did about my ancestors on my mother’s side and African Americans … Continue reading “Felicia Furman Tells the Story of Ties to South Carolina Slavery”

Another “Our Black Ancestry” Miracle!

A couple of weeks ago, Sharon Morgan emailed me to let me know that someone had posted information on her Our Black Ancestry website that linked my slave owning Furman ancestors to the writer’s enslaved ancestors.  This was totally out of the blue except that Sharon has been working hard for many years to make these … Continue reading “Another “Our Black Ancestry” Miracle!”

Linking through the Internet: A Miracle

My internet connection had been down all day.  I was beginning to get very perturbed—for a lot of reasons.  One was that author and genealogist Sharon Morgan was going to help me scour the internet to look for possible linked ancestors on my father’s side of the family, a task I thought might be impossible.  … Continue reading “Linking through the Internet: A Miracle”