Outline of Topics

Here is an outline of topics that have appeared in posts in BitterSweet and may apply to your post. When you submit your contribution, please indicate which topic or topics from this outline are relevant.

BitterSweet is amenable to evolving its topic outline to suit new posts.  If you believe your post fits best into a topic not included in the outline, please propose it for consideration.

* Contact, Connection & Relationships among linked descendants
* Discovery & Impact of finding details of family history, linked descendants
* Documents & Records from families, for research, found during research
* Healing, Repair & Action taken by individuals or linked descendants
* Historic People & Places significant to linked descendant stories
* Individual, Family & Linked Descendant Stories from one’s own experience, from research, from interviews
* Legacies of Slavery, Racism & Injustice, the harms done in the past and/or continuing in the present
* Regional History & Culture significant to linked descendant stories
* Research & Oral History Methods described in a post
* Research Experiences, what happens to someone while doing research rather than research methodology
* Setting & Place significant to linked descendant stories
* Slavery, the experiences, conditions, history or specific incidents as central to a linked descendant story

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