Linked to Llewellyn

This is my first post to BitterSweet: Linked Through Slavery, and I wanted to briefly introduce myself. My name is Felicia Furman. I’m a white, middle-aged media maker from a privileged family. My ancestors owned a plantation called Woodlands and still owns most of this land today. I am linked to many descendants of enslaved people on my mother’s side of the family through my slave owning ancestor William Gilmore Simms. He was a popular 19th century Southern literary figure who owned about 60 people at Woodlands Plantation near Bamberg, South Carolina. Several families stayed on the place after the Civil War including the Rumphs, Laboards and Rowes among others. For more information about these families, go to Shared History. I am also descended from enslavers on my father’s side but I won’t go into that saga today. This post is about Llewellyn whose family was in South Carolina before the Revolutionary War.

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